Refund Policy

All Merchandise Sold “As Is”

All merchandise is sold "As Is". Returns are accepted within 7 business days for store credit only. Salvaged items & equipment are not guaranteed to be in safe operating condition; it is the responsibility of the buyer to have it inspected and repaired as required by a qualified professional.


We will hold an item for 1 day only. We will not take any money down on an item. When you pay for the item, you take it with you.


Know your measurements in advance. When you find the perfect door or cabinet, you don’t want to run the risk of losing it to someone else while you go back home to make sure it will fit. Better yet, if you’re remodeling, check the store before you work out your final plans. You may find a really great, unique piece that you just have to have. Then you can design your plans to accommodate it!